Frontside of the Historic Liberty Theater (photo by anonymous)

It was 2002, and I had just graduated high school. The world was still in disarray after 9/11 and in the beginnings of the unending war in Afghanistan. My classmates that didn’t get conned into enlisting were looking forward to our final summer before beginning our college years. …

Chad Cosgrove wearing a campaign shirt while hanging out with the Proud Boys, waiting for a non-existent “Antifa Caravan” to come through. They had also gathered to counter-protest a non-existent petition to remove a hateful, far-right billboard. (Source: The Chronicle, June 24th, 2020)

Around 1998, or when I was in 8th grade, a new guy named Chad Cosgrove* started attending the youth group. He was dating a girl in our church whose family didn’t subscribe to courtship, something she and her sister were essentially slut-shamed for behind their backs. Because this guy wasn’t…

Through the Fog (2020, image by anonymous)

This is part two of Isolation. If you haven’t read part one, please start here.

The following two accounts are from different people who wanted to share their struggles with isolation. One is another GTC alumni, and the other is a friend from a similar background. These stories may feel…

GTC performing a Human Video in Scotland. I play Jesus. (Circa 2005) Photographer: Anonymous

It’s hard to look at the history of Christianity without seeing the manifestation of war and violence that it’s brought to the world. While the phrase “More wars have been started because of religion” simply isn’t accurate, it’s believable because of its proximity to the truth. …

An American Christian

This account will explore the toxic traits of American Evangelicalism from a first hand perspective of those that attended an unknown Master’s Commission.

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